Chelsea | PVRS

Stephanie | PVRS

Jillian | PVRS

Elizabeth | PVRS

Ameilia | PVRS

Annalise | PVRS

Alanna | PVRS

Abigale & Hannah | PVRS

Maddy & Alex | PVRS

Eliot | PVRS

Robin | Four Rivers

Caroline | PVRS

Hunter | PVRS

Jessica | PVRS

Kelsey | PVRS

Nathan | PVRS

Nicolette |

Joshua | PVRS

Emma | PVRS

Ally |

Sheana | Montachusett Voc.

Megan | FCTS

Logan | PVRS

Samantha | PVRS

Kolby | PVRS

Maddie | PVRS

Tucker | PVRS

Daniel | PVRS

Chloe | PVRS

Jacob | PVRS

Olivia | MRS

Eli | NMH

Alyssa | PVRS

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Jordan | TFHS

Nadia | TFHS

Erika | NMH

Kelsey | PVRS/GCC

Ethan | Smith Voc.

Jesse | PVRS

Kessandra | PVRS

Kayla | PVRS

Kate | PVRS

Megan | PVRS

Lane | PVRS

Emily | NMH

Celine | NMH

Phillip & Rachel | March 17th 2016

the Pond House Cafe

Brian & Stephanie | June 4th 2016

the Delaney House

Jonathan & Jayshallee | June 11th 2016

Montague Retreat Centre

John & Meaghan | June 25th 2016

Spinelli’s {East Boston}

Craig & Naomi | July 24th, 2016

Clark Family Apple Orchard & Red Gate Farm

Adam & Suzanne | July 30th, 2016

Willow Springs Vineyard

Jesse & Ashley | August 27th 2016

Millers Falls Rod & Gun

Roman & Jennifer | September 4th 2016

Look Park & Union Station Grand Ballroom

James & Brittany | September 10th 2016

The Log Cabin

Ryan & Alexis | October 2nd 2016

Look Park & The Garden House

Terence & Leah | October 8th 2016

Ashfield, MA

William & Mackenzie | October 22 2016

The Garden House

Robert & Elizabeth | October 29th 2016

Great Horse Country Club

Ryan & Kristen | November 4th 2016

The Warfield House

A girl after my own heart – Caroline. After filling out my questionnaire, I knew we’d get along just fine. Under “Things About Me” she made mention that she loves food. So we went through our session together, and as we kept shooting, we realised how much we were both foodies and talking about food made us hungry. Thankfully, just across the bridge was ice cream, so we totally took the opportunity to get a cold snack on a hot day and make it part of her experience too!

So much fun, I wish every session ended in ice cream!!!


Venue One: Kringle Candle

Venue Two: Townline Ice Cream

I can’t believe that the time for Robin’s portraits is actually here… I’ve known Robin long before she was even born, even her sister who happens to be my best friend.

This session is 100% Robin. She’s always her quirky, nerdy self and I’m so proud of the young lady she’s become. She makes so many of her outfits, costumes, and cosplays by hand and that takes some serious dedication. She’s a bright young lady on the way to some big things in life.

She’s in the Mutton & Mead Festival every year, definitely say hi when you go!




I n s t a g r a m
P i n t e r e s t
M o r e   I n f o