Hi! My name is Sadie!


I am 22 years old, a lefty, and married to my bestfriend, Levi


I am a 2013 Graduate of Hallmark Institute of Photography


I am a cat lover with 5 cat children


I live in Western Mass and see myself leaving for sure – I’m a winter-hater!


I am a singer and a lyrics junkie – most of my favourite songs are my favourites because the lyrics mean something beyond special to me



I loved how amazing my photographer made me feel taking my senior portraits and decided right there that I was meant to do the same for other people. I only applied to Hallmark my senior year of high school. I made it in and that’s where it all began.



Photo credits to Keri Lynn Photography         

I n s t a g r a m
P i n t e r e s t
M o r e   I n f o